Thursday, March 21, 2013

Please Pray

Zach's cancer has grown.  Please pray for this amazing boy and his family.  We will be singing the song for Zach (the whole school) Friday afternoon.  Valley Access will be here to film this.  Here is Zach's song again, Clouds.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zach Sobiech

Do you remember the blog post I put up a few months ago titled Strength of Spirit? Zack Sobiech is back with another song called, Fix Me Up.  Zach wrote and performs this with Sammy Brown and Reed Redmond on drums, both former SCCS students.  They sang and performed at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, to a sold out crowd just a few weeks ago.  This coming Friday, March 8, the entire SCCS student body and staff  of SCCS will gather to sing a song in support of Zach and his fight with cancer. Please pray for Zach and his family.

Number Scroll Mathletes

Students celebrated their 100th day by beginning number scrolls.  They began this process by filling out a blank number grid to 100 and taped it to an empty paper towel roll and rolled it up.  Student were only required to write numbers to 100 but they were challenged to become mathletes by adding more pages to their scrolls and writing numbers up to 200, 300, etc.  If a student wrote their numbers to 1,000, she/he became a mathlete and received a Gatorade at a special classroom mathlete ceremony.  This worked well for differentiating number pattern sense.  All of my students completed number scrolls past 200 and the majority past 500. I had three students become mathletes and write numbers to 1,000!  By the time a student has written numbers past 100, they own the knowledge of number patterns and place value to 100. I just sent the scrolls home but left this activity open ended for the completion of the school year.  If students want to continue their numbers, they may complete this at home.  Two of my students are on their way to 2,000 just because they can!!!! How cool it that!