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5 Ways for Parents to Engage in Their Child's Education

5 Ways Parents Can Engage In Their Child’s Education

Parental involvement is one of the most important factors in a child’s education that leads to higher overall grades and higher graduation rates of high school seniors. Parents who set high expectations for their child’s educational achievements and monitor their child’s learning process inspire their children the get excited about academics.
Children who are motivated to learn behave better in school and have higher attendance rates, which inevitably enables the teachers to spend more time on classroom instruction rather than dealing with disruptive student behaviors.

Activities and Events

One of the most effective ways to engage parents in their child’s education is to provide opportunities for the parents to work with their students in home learning activities. When parents are involved in their child’s learning by participating in home learning activities, they encourage better overall academic achievement of children. Parents can get involved in their child’s education by also participating in school events, attending parent teacher conferences and volunteering with school activities.

Parent Monitoring

Parents should remain involved in every level of their child’s education to stay informed of their child’s academic process. There are several ways to monitor a student’s academic process in school to ensure that the student is learning at an effective pace. Teachers should encourage parents to set daily routines at home and enforce these routines.
For instance, parents should allocate time for homework, chores, play time and dinner. Parents can provide more structured out of school activities for children than unstructured activities. Open communication between parents and children helps to increase each child’s self-esteem and confidence, which helps to improve school behavior and grades. For example, parents can ask questions about their child’s experience at school and have open conversations each day about school. Maintaining a positive home environment helps to increase the morale of children. Parents should maintain a positive and supportive home environment for their children on a regular basis.


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Fluency Practice

Click on picture for power point link.
Go through the above fluency power point as quickly as your child is able to say the sounds.  Fluency builds automaticity and eventually greater comprehension.  When letter sounds and words become automatic, less time is spent on decoding and more time is spent on making meaning.

If your child is ready for a challenge, sing this sight word song with him/her.  After several times through, see if you child is able to name some of the sight words by him/herself.

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Dramatic Play Designed by Wwonderful Parent Volunteers!

Thank you for the great dramatic play!  The class was so excited to see and play in the Kinderbear Market!

Average Amount of Sleep Needed for Kids

Age (years)Total Hours of SleepTypical Range